Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

Explore the benefits of mechanical exfoliation treatments in Keller, TX

There's no better way to wake up your skin than treating yourself to a mechanical exfoliation facial at Orange Sugar Skin Bar, LLC in Keller, TX. Using a DiamondTome DT2 machine made in America, we'll help you tackle tough skin issues.

This crystal free treatment is capable of reducing signs of aging and helping achieve your best completion. Diamond chips gently exfoliate the skin and lighten fine lines, sun damage and scars. We offer both face and body treatments on a one-time or monthly basis. Plus, there's no downtime or discomfort from this procedure, and most people see immediate results.

Take care of your skin by keeping it exfoliated, hydrated and nourished. Arrange for exfoliation services by contacting our esthetician today.

Did you know that mechanical exfoliation removes the top layer of skin in order to:

Prevent acne?
Unclog pores?
Boost circulation?
Even out your skin tone?
Clear away dead or dry skin?
Get rid of dirt, oils and bacteria?
Help your skin absorb skincare products?
Increase your skin's radiance and clarity?
Keep your skin looking younger for longer?

There's practically no end to the benefits of routine exfoliation services. Make an appointment in Keller, TX by calling 817-271-8919 now.